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Yakesha Floyd, owner and founder of Keda’s Kreation’s hair studio, was born in Chester Pa. Yakesha AKA Keda attended Venus beauty academy In 2004, than proceeded to continued her schooling for her instructors in 2006. Yakesha always had a desire, and a gift for making the hair industry her main priority. At a young age Yakesha started doing hair in her mother’s garage having Numerous of customers line up, just because of her talented  hair styles she achieved. As the business grew the space got smaller leading Yakesha to open up a full service salon specializing in custom units, custom color, natural hair, makeup, and array of services.  Keda’s Kreation’s studio brings extraordinary value to women that question there confident, ego, and pride. Remarkably Yakesha had a chance to work with a few celebrities along her career, Rodney Perry, and on set with Teddy Riley the group Black Street. Determination is not a figure of speech, It plays a significant part in your life, working hard in your career with great gratitude, and ambition brings growth, and positive energy into your place of business. Yakesha is an all around beautiful spirit person, that has high expectations to show the world there’s no stereotype. Being able to execute different types of hairstyles, and wigs  brings a tremendous amount  of vigorous women knowingly, that there’s no limits when it comes to beauty. It’s never a timeline on your dreams, and goals, you have to keep pushing regardless of any situation, that interferes with your accomplishments. Yakesha has a passion for the beauty industry, with no regrets as her peers applauds the diligent work ethics which remains consistent, by any means necessary. Any women will always appreciated the transformation of these talented hands once stationed in her chair. 



Facebook: kedakreations

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